326 ABS Plastic Lacquer Remover

326 ABS Plastic Lacquer Remover

Product Description

Sea - ion 326 ABS plastic lacquer remover is the important breakthrough in disposes ABS plastic reclaim of our company's Sea -ion cleanout technology. Rapid and won't harm the substance. Non-poisonous, harmless, tasteless, nonflammable. And environment-friendly, it is inevitable for the plastic recycling and processing enterprise.

Rapid and complete: Only take 1-3 hours to completely remove all kinds of paint ink, bake lacqu er and self-adhesive label;
Economical and laborsaving: Dispose each ton of plastic cost only 300-600 yuan, Save 50-80% than tradition method;
Save the disposal time: Disposal 30 ton plastic each day need only 10 workers,
Safe and harmless: The detergent is non - poisonous, tasteless, harmless, nonflammable and safe to use;
Environment-friendly: Without exhaust gas or noise, and won't pollute environment during the technical process.

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