316 CD Lacquer and Film Remover

316 CD Lacquer and Film Remover

Product Description

Sea - ion 316 waste CD lacquer and film remover is the important breakthrough of our company's Sea - ion cleanout technology.It is the first company has the professional remover of CD lacquer and film.Which can remove lacquer and metallic reflect tier rapidly and completely, and won't harm the substance of the CD.Non-poisonous, harmless, tasteless, nonflammable and environment-friendly, PC callback rate reach more than 99.5 %.It is inevitable for the CD printed and plastic recycling and processing enterprise.

Rapid and complete:Only take 1-2 hours to completely remove printing, metallic reflect tier, all kinds of UV mucus and felt tier, save the disposal time;
Economical and laborsaving:Dispose each ton of CD cost only 400 yuan, dispose 10 ton CD per day need only 20 workers;
High callback rate:PC callback rate reach more than 99.5 %, increase 5-7% than tradition machine grind and 8-15% of tradition chemistry cleanout.
Safe and harmless:The detergent is non-poisonous, tasteless, harmless, nonflammable and safe to use;

Apply range
CD, VCD, DVD, include etc all kinds of CD-RW, CD-Audio, CD-Video, CD-ROM, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video DVD-ROM, DVD + R, DVD + RW, DVD-RAM, Double layer DVD + R full block and half product, fragment remove lacquer and mucus.

1 .After cleaning every ton knitted bag(about ten thousand pieces), must make up the losing water in the pool.And add 5kg detergent and 5kg alkali, add one time, clean each ton.
2 .Clean every ton cost 80 yuan is the general dosage, it can change by the difference of water quality and the different dirty extant.
3 .Just need to increase the marinated time for the especially hard cleaning knitted bag(complex printing knitted bag is nullification).

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