301 Wastrel Knitted Bag Printing Ink Detergent

301 Wastrel Knitted Bag Printing Ink Detergent

Product Description

Sea - ion 301 wastrel knitted bag printing ink detergent is the new exploitation product. It can remove the printing ink, oil or other infectant. It has the advantage in removing printing ink, facility and safety to handle, innocuity, cost low.

Rapid and complete: Cost only about 1 hour to remove all kinds of p rinting Economical and laborsaving: Cost only 80 more yuan to dispose the flotsam plastic;
Safe and harmless: The detergent is innocuity, tasteless, hurtless, non - combusion, use safely;
Environmental protection: Technological processes have no waste gas \ no noise \ do not pollute environment, cleaning product.

1. Please kept the sea -ion products in the shade
2. If splash into the eyes in careless, please use plenty of water to rinse
3. Please take plastic gloves in long-term exposure

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